Jason Elliott


I am an environmental/vehicle modeler, and although I’ve been playing around with 3d modeling since I was an early teenager, it wasn’t until 2003 that I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s 3D Animation program. From there I took a few seemingly-unrelated jobs; Cameraman, Video Editor, Print Production Artist; I even worked at a sign shop for a little while. While many of these were temp-jobs gone terribly wrong, they helped to give me a well-rounded digital arts background. Currently working for Blue Newt Software, I’m finally able to harness the knowledge I’ve learned, and focus it down my current path.

While at Blue Newt, I've spent my time doing modeling and texturing for simulation software. Much of the work is very low poly, as the scenes tend to be large and somewhat randomly generated. The vehicles and props are mostly sub-d modeling with baked normals, while the environments are often tiling materials with per-vertex ambient occlusion and blend maps. By mixing both of these techniques, we've found that we can get the highest resolution textures for our models, while still maintaining a good level or reusability.

Outside of work, I play a lot of Tabletop RPG and Strategy Games. I collect an array of music, usually songs I can work to. I also experiment with homebrewing my own beer, and enjoy reading about any new techniques or tools for that, for gaming, or for work techniques alike.

I'm interested in doing work that will expand my abilities, or would allow me to work with a team of designers to achieve a common goal. I'm reachable by email, and welcome any critiques or inquiries!


  • 3d Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Photo Manipulation